Howard Bult : Bristol Bowen Therapist

Bowen Technique

Osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists and physiotherapists are among the many qualified practitioners who use the Bowen Technique.

What does a treatment involve?

A Bowen Treatment will take approximately 45 minutes and most of the work can be performed through light clothing. It is recommended that other physical therapies are not mixed. i.e. massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, etc.

How does it work?

The Bowen Technique is not a form of massage, it treats the whole person. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers making rolling type movements which activate specific muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body. During treatment there are periods when the client is left resting for a few moments allowing the body to rebalance itself.

Where and when did it all begin?

Thomas Bowen was born in Geelong, Australia. The technique was pioneered by him in the early 1950s. He developed a great interest in massage and physiology devoting his time observing football trainers and others involved in sport. Close proximity to a large Chinese community possibly influenced him with their ancient understanding of the body's processes! By the time he was in his early 40s this gifted man had established a full time practice using his innovative technique.

Photographs courtesy of European College Bowen Studies