Howard Bult : Bristol Bowen Therapist

Harmonic Rebalancing


'Internal Acoustic Surveillance Technology' course.

His research of 30 years resulted in developing a process of healing that is harmonic rebalancing of body systems; accessed by Universal Intelligence (God). He discovered that our D.N.A. resonates with 12 number digital sequences and fractal equations. He also optimised Chakras with the use of colours. By contacting Universal Intelligence with simple muscle testing he could locate areas of the body where the vibrations were out of harmony, and with corrective procedures restore natural resonance.

With the Chakras and Meridians restored to optimum performance using focused intent, and integrity from the practitioner; the mind/body energy field is rebalanced.
Much of this work involves the sub-conscious or inner intelligence in which linger own personal issues and history, which are usually put to one side in the daily battle with the material world. However, these personal issues cause conflict and stress resulting in disharmony. Once faced and recognised, their effects are diminished.

'We are what we think'